Our contribution!

Sustainable action is very important to 4falt, which is why we promote regional products without long delivery routes.

Our products are selected with a lot of love and care.

With our own brand coopz, we have set ourselves the goal of producing as sustainably as possible.

Each piece is unique and made with a lot of love and care.

On the one hand we are trying to make more and more products from recycled polyester and on the other hand we source fabrics, leather and skins that are no longer needed by the textile industry and simply conjure something new out of them. Because that's what it's all about, not devaluing, but thinking about it and reusing it.

As a result, there is always an exciting range of new products.

In addition, our printing ink is Oeko-Tex certified and can be used without hesitation.

Our products are made to order, so there is no overproduction and therefore no unnecessary storage costs.

Speaking of rubbish, we are always striving to further develop our idea. We use our printing paper to make beautiful bags that can be used as gift bags.


Every online shop needs packaging material. Unfortunately, you can't do without it. We can't avoid it either. However, we do our best to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible.

That's why we reuse cardboard and packaging materials as much as possible, both from returned shipments and from the producers. In addition, our transfer paper, which is left over from the printing process, is used as wrapping paper. This saves important resources and protects the environment. According to the motto "reuse before recycle".

However, if you are from the area, you are welcome to visit our shop and take your order with you.

We alone cannot change everything, but everyone can make their contribution.

Even the smallest measures are measures.